Service Spectrum

SIGMEN's spectacular progress can be substantially attributed to its consistently superior range of products and services, achieved through the pursuit of excellence in product design. SIGMEN has a vast experience in the provision of integrated electronic solutions with professional attributes.

Not only that we provide quality products and services, SIGMEN provides a comprehensive package of assistance for the clients who intend to maximize and enhance their efficiency of their corporate observation and monitoring powers. It helps the clients to ensure and enhance their core compatibility to the over all system configuration. Our expertise support the client to procure state of the art equipment, backed by the professional and skilled craftsmen who support the networking infrastructures , in the electronic security & surveillance , fire suppressions and IT related automation.

SIGMEN is a progressive corporate entity who initiates a sustainable level of quality by providing inclusive after sales services and including 24 hour monitoring and maintenance services; for all the coordinated installation and other related business cases.

With a progressive view of maintaining a rapid, sound and sustainable development, SIGMEN has , among other things, set up a development strategy where new and innovative hi–technology based equipment is being supplied with qualitative rationalization towards the customer utility, while we build and renovate or re–engineer the old methodologies and modulate the equipment fixating and designing. Hence in this manner we supply a concurrent development to the optimum level of customer requirements.

Our Services

Security and Surveillance

SIGMEN offers IP based, localized, remote controlled Security Surveillance solutions per specific customer requirements.

Elevators and Escalators

SIGMEN, an innovative leader in the elevator and escalator industry, introduces its new volume elevator offering.

Web Solutions

SIGMEN, a website development and ecommerce software development division implementing IT-projects of any complexity.