About Sigmen

Established in 1998, SIGMEN is a comprehensive group of Hi – Tech enterprises, specializing in the field of Escalators, Electronic Security & Surveillance Automation, IT Technology Automation and sales of the related equipment.

The Group is under three subsidiaries, which combine to form a HI–Tech Modulated leveled technology which is based on intense electronic media for all prospective clients and business houses who intend to modulate their premises with best innovative electronic security systems and other related equipment and services.

With the emergence of new era, there has been a dramatic increase in various segments of innovation, which needs a strict code of professionalism and ethics in the client and company relationship, in order to protect and secure the environment.

SIGMEN is a group of company involved and renovating a range of electronic security and surveillance activities also including state of the art escalator and IT infrastructure related professional skills providing a legitimate source of protective environment to the numerous business organizations and homes. At SIGMEN, we provide innovative designing for your security protection needs and back it with state of the art solutions. SIGMEN provides you with a complete professional answer to your security protection problems.

We have hi – tech and highly customized integrated security solutions, through a comprehensive expertise in the security field, which we provide from early stage to the completion including consultancy, supply, installation, integration and commissioning. At SIGMEN we carry out custom designing system engineering to deliver the most effective and competitive monitoring circuits, for the prevention of theft, burglary or fire. It includes built – in alarm units to raise alarm for window breaking, intrusion detection or forced door entries or any other break in hazards.

The SIGMEN Group comprises;

    a. SIGMEN HI TECH (Escalators/Elevators)
        (Elec. Security & Surv. Devices)
        (IT Infrastructure & Software)

Our Services

Security and Surveillance

SIGMEN offers IP based, localized, remote controlled Security Surveillance solutions per specific customer requirements.

Elevators and Escalators

SIGMEN, an innovative leader in the elevator and escalator industry, introduces its new volume elevator offering.

Web Solutions

SIGMEN, a website development and ecommerce software development division implementing IT-projects of any complexity.