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  Elevators & Escalators
» Lifts & Elevators
Passenger  (4 Products)
Capsule  (3 Products)
Cargo  (0 Products)
Stretcher  (0 Products)
Hospital Bed  (2 Products)
Stairs Chair  (4 Products)
Lift Control Systems  (1 Products)
Floor Indicators  (1 Products)
Push Buttons  (1 Products)
Residential  (1 Products)
  Security & Surveillance
Board and Miniature Cameras  (41 Products)
Cameras - Speed Domes  (7 Products)
Monitors  (12 Products)
Video Recorders and Digital Recording  (4 Products)
Lenses  (10 Products)
Accessories and Housings  (32 Products)
Pan / Tilt Heads and Remote Controls  (2 Products)
Signal Processing and Transmission  (1 Products)
Camera Monitor Sets  (1 Products)
Network Connections  (1 Products)
Security Hawk Pro  (1 Products)
Camclosure @ Integrated Systems  (5 Products)
Spectra High Speed Domes  (6 Products)
Esprit Integrated Positioning Systems  (3 Products)
ExSite  (2 Products)
DF5 Series DomePaks  (4 Products)
Color Cameras High Resolution  (11 Products)
Color Cameras Standard Resolution  (1 Products)
Monochrome Cameras High Resolution  (5 Products)
Monochrome Cameras Standard Resolution  (1 Products)
Enclosures  (16 Products)
DVR (Digital Video Recording) Card  (3 Products)
IP Cameras  (1 Products)
» Access Control System
Pegasus  (1 Products)
Biokey System  (1 Products)
» Detectors
Walk Through Gate  (1 Products)
Explosive Detector  (2 Products)
Mine Detector  (0 Products)
Hand Held Metal Detector  (1 Products)
» Fire Alarm System
Smoke Detectors  (0 Products)
Control Panel  (0 Products)
Manual Call Points (Breakglass)  (0 Products)
Fire Bell  (1 Products)

Our Services

Security and Surveillance

SIGMEN offers IP based, localized, remote controlled Security Surveillance solutions per specific customer requirements.

Elevators and Escalators

SIGMEN, an innovative leader in the elevator and escalator industry, introduces its new volume elevator offering.

Web Solutions

SIGMEN, a website development and ecommerce software development division implementing IT-projects of any complexity.