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Message from the Chairman ^Top
"It is the ultimate challenge of SIGMEN as a company, to meet all the scopes of professional needs and practices , providing the highest level of quality management team work for the contracted obligations. At SIGMEN professional code of proactive approach is established to help the clients to achieve highly regulated environment and foster a team effort within the business transience.

We try to manage and guarantee uninterrupted incident management in emergency situations, regardless of nature or size. Where the implementation of any technological based system or network needs to emphasize, primarily the importance of a flexible and cooperative business relationship between the Equipment Manufacturer and the Service Provider or the Supplier .

SIGMEN ‘s proven commitment to fully understand the clients requirements and goals through both global experience and regional presence is what makes SIGMEN your professional partner for the relative services.

We always welcome a note of advise from our clients and test ourselves to regular and periodic assessment for our professional performance, while monitor and controlling the performance segment and develop the skill units. It helps us to eradicate distinguished human errors and provide a more secure and protected environment.

With a progressive view of maintaining a rapid , sound and sustainable development , SIGMEN has , among other things , set up a development strategy . Where new and innovative hi – technology based equipment is being supplied with qualitative rationalization towards the customer utility , while we build and renovate or re – engineer the old methodologies and modulate the equipment fixating and designing . Hence in this manner we supply a concurrent development to the optimum level of customer requirements.

The company is operating under the dynamic leadership of management which has enhanced its spectrum focusing more on to the customer orientation and providing a very globalized one-end-solution.

Thus all these proactive professional activities have helped SIGMEN to appear as one of the leading Electronic Device based company. We have the capability to provide a legitimate focus on to the site surveys and system integration, which gives a fixed proportion of networking to the customer. SIGMEN has a wide range of commercial and government clients. In the field of Security Surveillance and Electronic Security Observation & Monitoring equipment , we have matured to level where we can provide significant facets of methodology with concrete one stop mechanism. Highly specialized to build Command & Control Systems based on varied multi tech technologies from all over the world. I welcome you to the world of SIGMEN where we try our best to realize your dreams."
Akram Khurshid
Chairman, SIGMEN
Company Introduction ^Top
Established in 1995, SIGMEN is a comprehensive group of Hi – Tech enterprises, specializing in the field of Escalators, Electronic Security & Surveillance Automation, IT Technology Automation and sales of the related equipment.

The Group is under three subsidiaries, which combine to form a HI–Tech Modulated leveled technology which is based on intense electronic media for all prospective clients and business houses who intend to modulate their premises with best innovative electronic security systems and other related equipment and services.

With the emergence of new era, there has been a dramatic increase in various segments of innovation, which needs a strict code of professionalism and ethics in the client and company relationship, in order to protect and secure the environment.

SIGMEN is a group of company involved and renovating a range of electronic security and surveillance activities also including state of the art escalator and IT infrastructure related professional skills providing a legitimate source of protective environment to the numerous business organizations and homes. At SIGMEN, we provide innovative designing for your security protection needs and back it with state of the art solutions. SIGMEN provides you with a complete professional answer to your security protection problems.

We have hi – tech and highly customized integrated security solutions, through a comprehensive expertise in the security field, which we provide from early stage to the completion including consultancy, supply, installation, integration and commissioning. At SIGMEN we carry out custom designing system engineering to deliver the most effective and competitive monitoring circuits, for the prevention of theft, burglary or fire. It includes built – in alarm units to raise alarm for window breaking, intrusion detection or forced door entries or any other break in hazards.

The SIGMEN Group comprises;

    a. SIGMEN HI TECH (Escalators/Elevators)
        (Elec. Security & Surv. Devices)
        (IT Infrastructure & Software)
Products & Services ^Top
SIGMEN has vast experience in providing integrated electronic security solutions with professional attributes, which we always re-ensure to make things more safer and your premises comprehensively protected.

SIGMEN provides a developed security system to provide professional services with consistent and promised capability. Our selected security products demonstrate their commitment by custom designed security solutions and professional apprehensions which are mostly integrated to quality. Hence SIGMEN has sustained an unparalleled record of growth by developing a corporate structure to fully support the business requirements and opportunities .

SIGMEN, is fully resourced and committed to provide the security solutions to our customers requirements in the form of products and services of the highest quality. It is this unnatural obsession with our business and customer needs that sets us apart from our competitors and has secured a reputation as the market trend setter. Though our total philosophy is aimed at being the best and retaining number one position as our products, infrastructure and after sales support demonstrate our complete commitment in achieving professional goals. We shall continue to place a high priority on quality and developing the security gadgets and trained persons to ensure they are professionally equipped to carry out their duties to the highest standards.

Our product range covers;

  › Fenced Enclosures
  › Explosive Detectors
  › Walk Through Gates
  › Digital Entry Systems
  › Electromagnetic Locks
  › Gas Leakage Detectors
  › Communication Systems
  › Electronic Pest Controller
  › Close Circuit Television Monitoring
  › Electronic Elevators / Lifts / Escalators
  › Remote Control Gates / Door / Curtains
  › Building Management & Recording Systems
  › Electronic Security & Surveillance Equipment
  › Video Conferencing & Time Attendance Systems
Conclusion ^Top
Hence at SIGMEN, we provide new standard for the systems to be installed in high controlled environment, which changes the nature of professional business interests and builds a profitable client-supplier relationship.

SIGMEN is a highly advanced technical platform providing integrated and simultaneously professional installation services. Our technical team is combined with outstanding after sales networking. Our Systems are state of the art solutions to your requirements and hence look after all your reviews in this regard. The digital technology provides the new exciting opportunity for the users to measure their comfort levels while we introduce to the client continuously the process control of re – engineering methodology, in order to maximize the benefits of uniform domain. At SIGMEN we tend to provide a new paradigm for the innovative standards.